storm surge

Hurricane Irma storm surge flooding San Marco homes.
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Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has announced that more than $44 million in Community Development Block Grant Disaster Recovery funding has been awarded to 11 communities that were impacted by Hurricane Irma, including Jacksonville.

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Many shops and restaurants in Jacksonville are boarded up and closed for business as Category 3 Hurricane Matthew inches closer to the city Friday morning.

But one diner is vowing to stay open, cooking hot meals for anyone who needs one.

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A Hurricane disaster kit is not something you should be scrambling to assemble as a hurricane makes landfall.

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Jacksonville Mayor Alvin Brown has officially released the city's first updated evacuation map since 2005.

Duval County Develops New Hurricane Evacuation Zones

May 23, 2014
Duval County EOC

For the first time since 2005, Jacksonville's emergency planners have revamped evacuation zones for major weather disasters.

Previously, the evacuation and disaster plan was solely based on the threat of hurricanes, which only took wind speed into account, Director of Emergency Preparedness, Steven Woodard said. The maps will now help homeowners prepare for storm surge damage as well.

National Hurricane Center

Hurricane forecasts have become quite accurate in recent years. Not only can meteorologists predict where a storm is likely to make landfall, they also have a good idea about the areas that will be impacted by a storm surge. Unfortunately, they haven't been able to explain the storm surge danger in a way people easily understood. 

Happily, that’s about to change.