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Summer camps across the First Coast are scrambling to figure out whether to open and how to do so safely.

Kid waiting to hit a baseball, adult throwing a pitch to the kid while they are on a baseball diamond, trees and grass in the background
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Youth sports and summer camps will be free to continue operations, after a Friday morning announcement from Gov. DeSantis lifting all restrictions on the activities effective immediately. 

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Seventy-nine girls and boys ages five-to-14 were seated around tables in a Westside community center awaiting the arrival of their state senator, Audrey Gibson, D-Jacksonville on Wednesday morning.

The 5 & Dime Theatre Company

One of Jacksonville’s newest theater companies, the 5 & Dime, is expanding its offerings with a kids’ summer theater camp in downtown Jacksonville.

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The city of Jacksonville is revamping its after school and summer camp options after a two-year study.

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Seven middle and high school gymnasiums in Duval County will be open to kids starting the second week of July.

Duval School Board Chairman Cheryl Grimes says the so-called Summer Safe Gyms program is part of the district’s effort to keep young people out of trouble when they’re not in school.

“We basically don't want our kids roaming the streets, looking for something to do over the summer,” Grimes said. “We want them to be focused. We want them to be active and certainly opening the gyms gives them an opportunity to give them a place to go to.”

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A bill passed Tuesday night by the Jacksonville City Council will give hundreds more kids a chance to experience summer camp this year.

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It’s a chance for children with diabetes to develop confidence, bond with other kids and have fun!

Girls Rock Jacksonville

It's your daughter's chance this summer to learn an instrument, form a band and rock out on stage.

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A special urban parks initiative kicks off in a few weeks that’s designed to make summer not just fun but safe for city kids, especially those who live in Jacksonville’s high-crime neighborhoods.

Working parents know the drill. Every spring it's a scramble to find quality, affordable summer camps for their kids. The best camps fill up quickly, cost a lot, and it can be a logistical nightmare to try to schedule your kids in several different camps that fit their interests over the long summer break.