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Ryan Benk / WJCT News

Governor Rick Scott was in Jacksonville Wednesday signing 53-pages’ worth of tax cuts into law.

The recurring and one-time cuts total $400 million.

But that’s significantly less than what Scott asked lawmakers to pass this year.

Bill Barnes / Vac-Con

Florida Gov. Rick Scott is touring the state this week, campaigning for his proposed tax cuts.

The latest stop on his “1 Million Miles for 1 Million Jobs” bus tour is a manufacturing plant in Green Cove Springs called Vac-Con. 

The Office of Governor Rick Scott

An election-year budget that includes huge tax cuts, record funding for public schools and a new initiative to bring jobs to Florida might be good politics for lawmakers. The question is whether they can afford it.

Ryan Benk / WJCT News

A powerful Florida Republican lawmaker is voicing doubts about Governor Rick Scott’s proposal to permanently cut $1 billion in taxes.

Senate Budget Chief Tom Lee says Scott’s cuts may be unsustainable — and not necessary considering how much the economy has already improved.

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Florida Gov. Rick Scott is proposing more than $673 million in tax cuts for next year’s state budget. But that’s about $20 million more than the state’s expected surplus. And a $400 million  shortfall is looming in health care funding as a result of losing federal money for indigent health care.