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The group Florida Realtors has poured $6.6 million into its political committee aimed at Amendment 2’s passage.

State Panel Supports Making It Harder To Raise Taxes

Dec 12, 2017
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A measure that would require future tax or fee increases to be approved by two-thirds votes of the Legislature is ready for consideration by the state Constitution Revision Commission.

Florida Bond Deals Could Take A Hit Costing Billions In Federal Tax Overhaul

Dec 6, 2017
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Florida taxpayers could lose billions of dollars in future savings under part of pending federal tax-reform legislation that would limit the ability of states and local governments to refinance bonds.

Gov. Rick Scott
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Gov. Rick Scott, expected to run for U.S. Senate next year, wants lawmakers to put on the 2018 ballot a proposed constitutional amendment that would make it harder for future legislators to raise taxes.


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Tax Tips

Accountant and financial consultant Andrew Poulos, who runs the site, joins us with filing tips for tax season.

Dreams Come True

tax cut chart
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Floridians could still get a reduction in their cable-TV and cell-phone bills as part of a new House tax-cut package, but the overall plan likely will fall short of the tax cuts sought by Gov. Rick Scott.

Also, Scott's call to permanently lift the sales tax on the purchase of college textbooks may be altered, as the House is repackaging a tax-cut package (HB 7141) from the regular legislative session to help develop a budget that lawmakers say will include higher health-care costs.

tax cut chart
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Florida Gov. Rick Scott is proposing to cut taxes on cell phone, cable and satellite services. The governor was at the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce this morning to push for the cuts.

Under the governor's plan, a family with a $125 monthly cell phone bill would save just over $50 a year in taxes. Scott says the state can afford losing $470 million in telecom tax revenue because the property and sales tax bases are growing.

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Free help with filing taxes is available in Jacksonville on Saturday. The United Way is offering the service at the Jacksonville Children’s Commission building Downtown.

Jeff Winkler runs the United Way’s RealSense initiative, which is bringing in more than 20 tax experts to help people file.

It will hurt your wallet a little bit less the next time you have to renew your license plates.

Starting Sept. 1, tag fees for cars, trucks and motorcycles will drop by about $17 to $25 each, depending on the type of vehicle and its weight.

Legislation passed during the 2014 session slashed the fees, which were increased in 2009, while Florida lawmakers were looking for ways to balance the state budget during tough economic times.

Duval County Public Schools

The millage rates are heading down next fiscal year, but Duval County property owners can still expect to pay more in school taxes.

The Office of Governor Rick Scott

The Florida Legislature closed its 2014 regular session last Friday with a several bills either awaiting approval or already signed into law.

Nathan Bedford Forrest High School, Palm Coast, and guns are in the headlines today.

Rick Scott, the Baker Act, and the Jacksonville Jaguars are in the headlines today.

Food stamps, Zeljko Causevic, and Tim Tebow are in the headlines today.

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An effort is underway by some members of Jacksonville’s entertainment industry for lawmakers to put more money into the state’s film incentive program.

In 2010, the legislature approved nearly $300 million in tax credits to lure more productions to the state.

Just three years later, most of that money is said to be either gone or spoken for, leaving Florida unable to compete with other states.

62-year-old Dean Phillippi works as a part-time actor in Jacksonville. He’d like to get more work here, but he says the state makes that difficult.