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This week AT&T announced Jacksonville will be one of five additional cities in the U.S. to get its next-generation 5G before the end of the year.


You might not think Jacksonville’s medical community could get excited about a smartwatch but you’d be wrong.

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The Duval County school district is continuing to prioritize technology this upcoming school year.

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The future of spinal injury therapy is now and in Jacksonville. Brooks Rehabilitation hospital announced Friday that it’s the first in the country to offer a new kind of robotic treatment.

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Duval County Public Schools are facing a budget shortfall for replacing outdated or broken computers.

Current projections show the district will be able to provide just one computer for every 2.5 students by the year 2020.

Donald Trump

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump visits Jacksonville Wednesday night for a campaign rally at Veterans Memorial Arena.

Trump’s return to the First Coast comes on the heels of a series of controversies and withering scrutiny over his comments about the family of a slain soldier, the issue of workplace harassment, and more.

Uber app on screen
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Discussion over how to regulate ride-for-hire companies continues here in North Florida and across the nation.

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More than 200 web developers and technology professionals will be in St. Augustine to hear from local and national tech experts during the Ancient City Ruby Conference, which runs April 6-8 at the Casa Monica Hotel.

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Three Northeast Florida high-school students are among the 1,500 finalists at this year’s Intel International Science and Engineering Fair, happening now in Pittsburgh.

Organizers say the fair is the world’s largest pre-college science competition. Young scientists and engineers from more than 75 countries are competing for more than $4 million dollars in awards and scholarships.

Among those students is Carly Crump, a senior at Episcopal School of Jacksonville. Her research in the microbiology category is on dengue viruses.

Another day, another Facebook-makes-us-sadder study. This time, it's from the University of Missouri, and it comes with a key caveat: Facebook can make us sadder, the researchers find, but only if you're using it to lurk from afar — to check on how an old acquaintance is doing, for example, without actually engaging that person with "likes" or comments.


Charles asks, "My smartphone (a Casio G'zOne) displayed a warning yesterday saying that it had a virus. I didn't do anything as I've been told the warning is the actual virus. How can I tell if the phone has virus protection installed? If not, can I download it for the phone?"

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Brady asks, "What's the best way to protect my electronics from lightning? Should I always unplug them? How can I tell if lightning has ruined my stuff?"

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An extra $18 million in Duval Schools capital funding could go toward saving one of the district's flagship initiatives and propelling several dozen other new projects.

Superintendent Nikolai Vitti told school board members Thursday that the millions in surplus capital dollars surfaced during a recent internal audit.


Imagine being able to get an up-close look at one of Florida’s reefs without having to get wet.

U.S. government scientists are in the Florida Keys this week learning to use underwater cameras to take rotating 360-degree panoramic shots of the reefs there.

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An astounding and scary cyber-security breach is rocking the Internet.