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Chicago resident and One Spark creator Ed Hubbard is applying a new idea to an organism that’s been around for thousands of years: Earthworms.

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Virtual reality isn’t just going to be for high-tech video gamers anymore.

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A new internet bug is affecting 60 percent of secure websites. Luckily, the Deemable Tech guys are on the case.

Jacksonville Public Library

If you have ever used the computers at the library, officials want to hear about your experience.

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If you look forward to the few minutes of Deemable Tech that air each week on WJCT, you'll love what the guys are bringing to the station starting this weekend.


There is a brand new state of the art entertainment system for your car with your iPhone at it's core.

With digital cameras and camera phones everywhere, there are few moments we don't document. But some designers still think we're missing the opportunity to capture some important, simple moments. The solution: the Narrative Clip, a wearable camera that automatically and silently snaps an image every 30 seconds.

Flagler College, Mayor Alvin Brown, and the Florida Standards are in the headlines today.


Facebook is celebrating a decade online, and simultaneously launching a new app.

Deemable Tech

Phil asks, "How do I switch my iTunes account from an old computer, which is broken, to my new computer? I’ve downloaded iTunes onto the new computer, but, of course, it doesn’t recognize my account. The real problem is my iPod. I have all my music on it, but now I am not able to add to it to iTunes."

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A virtual reality headset that had people talking at the recent International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas could be coming to your living room next year.

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Budding entrepreneurs in Jacksonville were able share ideas or possibly find investors Thursday, known to some as International Collaboration Day. 

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Casey asks, "I enjoy reading and want to start reading more eBooks, but I don’t know if I should get a tablet or an eReader. Do you have any suggestions?"

That’s a tough one, Casey! Tablets like the iPad, the Nexus and the Kindle Fire can make great eReaders in addition to everything else they do. But dedicated eReaders like the regular Kindle or the Nook are tailored to the reading experience. There are definitely major differences between the two.

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Along with tremendous growth in downtown Jacksonville’s start-up community, the First Coast is becoming a hub for tech incubators who recognize the necessities of living in an app-based world.

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From the NSA to Google Glass, PlayStation 4 and iOS7 — what were the biggest tech stories of the year?