Palm Coast Teen Wins Wimbledon Boys’ Singles Title

Jul 13, 2015
robbiesaurus / Flickr

  A Palm Coast teen won the Wimbledon boys’ singles championship over the weekend.

Reilly Opelka became the 11th American player to win the Wimbledon Juniors Championship on Sunday.

The 17-year-old from Palm Coast beat Swedish player Mikael Ymer to win his first-ever junior grand-slam title. At 6 foot 10 inches, he’s also being called the tallest player to ever win at Wimbledon.

Deborah Stanfield of the Palm Coast Tennis Center says Opelka’s success has grabbed the attention of the local tennis community.

The Blue Sky Foundation

A tennis clinic for Wounded Warriors, Veterans and their families is coming to Jacksonville University next month.

Thanking our Troops Through Tennis or T3, is a national non-profit organization that brings free tennis clinics to military bases. At the end of March it will be hosting it's first off-base event at Jacksonville University.

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The ugliest, most ill-conceived physical addition to sports scenery was the construction, a few years ago, of the Arthur Ashe tennis stadium at the U.S. Open. Typical U.S. supersize. We'll be bigger than everyone else, so there.

Alas, in the upper reaches of this charmless behemoth you need a GPS to find the players somewhere down there at sea level. Worse, should it rain, which it has a wont to do in New York, there are no players on the court and you get wet.