Warren Miller

Winston Allen is, is in his own words, a “triathlete for life.” He started working out at age 9 to keep bullies away. Today, at 85, he’s a world champion triathlete who’s getting ready to defend his title.

Gary Rodebaugh was a triathlete who lived in St. Augustine, competed internationally. But before he started training he was in bad shape.

“I was working in Phoenix, Arizona for a major insurance company. Part of my job was to entertain clients and management,” Rodebaugh said. “We would work all day and then party at night. I bought Wild Turkey by the case, and smoked cigarettes, up to two packs a day.”

Ironman Triathlon official photo / Cozumel, Mexico

A Jacksonville businessman is giving himself a few more days of fun before he starts training in earnest for what many athletes consider the pinnacle of race competitions: The World Championship Ironman Triathlon in Hawaii.  

A triathlon is three races rolled into one: swimming, biking and running, in that order.