Florida College Students See Financial Aid Expansion As New Year Begins

Aug 7, 2017
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As Florida students return to universities and state colleges this month for a new academic year, many will benefit from a major expansion of need-based financial aid., Flickr Creative Commons

Recently released federal data show a widening salary gap between private-college graduates and their public-school counterparts.

But in Jacksonville, both private and public colleges give students a relatively good return on investment.

About 40,000 Families that purchased prepaid college and university savings plans with the state of Florida could see the costs of those plans drop.

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Rolando Cordova moved to the states from Lima, Peru, when he was about 6-years-old. He always believed with enough hard work, he could reach his dreams.

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Governor Rick Scott signed the 2013-2014 state budget into law today after vetoing a 3 percent tuition increase for Florida colleges and universities, as well as over $368 million in lawmaker pet-projects.

Despite pushback from some lawmakers over the tuition issue, Scott said in his veto message that he believes "it is incumbent upon state leaders to ensure the cost of higher education remains accessible to as many Floridians as possible."