U.S. State Department

  Today on “First Coast Connect,” we spoke about the dangers of President Trump’s proposal to slash funding for the State Department with former Deputy National Security Advisor Admiral Jonathan Howe, first commander in Afghanistan General “Buster” Hagenbeck and retired diplomat John Caulfield (01:07). Creator Tina Vaughn and cast member Adam Davis (28:50) talked about the upcoming “Coming Out Monologues.” Husband and wife organists Peter and Patricia Dewitt (37:40) told us about the upcoming American Guild of Organists convention coming to Jacksonville and St. Augustine.  


Long Resettlement Process Awaits Syrian Refugees

Sep 10, 2013
Syrian Refugees in Lebanon
Voice of America / Wikimedia Commons

The United Nations announced the first step towards resettling the victims of the conflict in Syria to other countries. More than 2 million Syrians were forced to leave their homes since 2011, according to the UN.