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A ruling on whether Marissa Alexander will get a second "Stand Your Ground" hearing in her retrial won't be heard until June at the earliest, but the debate on the controversial state policy remains in the headlines.

The Interfaith Coalition for Action, Reconciliation and Empowerment, the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, and backyard chickens are in the headlines today.

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A group of high-profile Jacksonville pastors is calling for a plea deal in the Marissa Alexander case.

There is concern that a bill moving through the Florida State Legislature would authorize legally armed residents to fire a warning shot at a perceived attacker, but as the proposed legislation stands now that simply isn't the case.

Food trucks, pension reform, and medical marijuana are in the headlines today.

One Spark, pension reform, and the Florida Gators are in the headlines today.

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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) — The Florida House is expected to vote on the 'warning shot' bill that would allow people to fire a warning shot instead of retreating when threatened with death or bodily harm.

A bill allowing someone to threaten to use force in a situation where they feel threatened without fear of prosecution is expected to be discussed on the Senate Floor this week.  And, the so-called “warning shot” bill that was modified at each committee stop may go through another change on the floor.

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A measure inspired by the story of a Jacksonville woman who received a lengthy prison term for firing a warning shot unanimously cleared another Senate hurdle Tuesday. It’s the second time around for the so-called “Warning Shot” bill in that same committee.


The trial of Marissa Alexander, like several other local cases, is drawing national attention and driving a discussion on Florida’s criminal justice system.

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A bill granting immunity to Floridians who threaten deadly force in the name of self-defense continues to push ahead.

Juror #8, the University of North Florida, and Stand Your Ground are in the headlines today.

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) — Florida legislators keep moving ahead with a bill designed to make it clear people can show a gun, or even fire a warning shot, without drawing a lengthy prison sentence.