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2016 Elections

Meet The Candidate: Reginald Luster

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Reginald Luster

Age: 52

Hometown: Fort Lauderdale

Party affiliation: Democratic Party

1) Why are you running for U.S. Senate?

United States Senator for the State of Florida

2) If facing a deficit, what parts of the budget would you cut and what would you promise not to cut?

I would cut discretionary spending such as Transportation and FDA.  I would not cut Education.  In fact I would increase funding to make higher education more affordable with federal grants and reducing high interest on student loans. 

3) What would you do to strengthen Florida's economy and create more well-paid jobs

Florida’s economic industries are already strong.  However, I would protect Florida’s economy and jobs by promoting the health of Florida workers and laws that protect Florida’s Tourism, Export and Space Industries.

4) Should the Second Amendment have limitations?

All constitutional amendments, including the Second Amendment, have limitations as held by the U.S. Supreme Court.

A) More or fewer than it has today?

I would support gun legislation that would protect Floridians and all Americans from the public safety threat presented by a domestic terrorist having access to military- style assault rifles and ammunition.

B) Do you support prohibiting gun sales to people on an FBI terror watch list?

Those persons on terrorist watch lists should NOT be allowed to buy guns in the United States.

C) Banning certain types of weapons for civilians?

No citizen and no non-citizens should access to military weapons and ammunition to wage war against innocent citizens on American soil.

5) Please explain your position on energy. Do you support drilling off the coast of Florida/ the Eastern U.S.?

Currently, I do not support drilling for oil off the coast of Florida because I believe our country has sufficient oil reserves.  Also, I support alternative energy sources obviating the need to drill off the coast of Florida.

6) What should the federal government be doing to combat rising sea levels and other effects of climate change?

This 2016 summer – with its record 100 degree heat index consecutive days – is clear and convincing evidence of global warming. Congress and the President should continue to work to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and reduce the burning of fossil fuels such as oil and coal.

7) Do you support Common Core education standards? Please explain.

Yes, I support a set of education standards in English language arts and mathematics. However, I believe that educators and parents should develop appropriate tools to test and measure how the students meet these standards.

8) What is your position on the Affordable Care Act?

I do NOT believe the Affordable Care Act should be repealed and I believe the U.S. Supreme Court correctly ruled that the Act is a legal and appropriate role for the federal government. Today, 1.6 million Floridians have health insurance under the Affordable Care Act.  The Republicans in Congress want to repeal Obamacare without providing alternate health insurance for 1.6 million Floridians.  The Republicans would repeal the Affordable Care Act leaving Floridians, and 11.7 million Americans, without health insurance. The Republican agenda conflicts with the best interest of Floridians. 

9) Florida's median income hasn't kept pace with inflation over the past decade. What policies do you advocate to change that in the decade ahead?

Simply put, I would support a minimum wage increase to support individual workers and their families.

10) Should the U.S. trade embargo against Cuba be eliminated? With any conditions? Watch list? 

I support the recent efforts to reestablish diplomatic relations with Cuba.  However, I believe that as we move forward, S. officials should confirm that Cuba’s practices and human rights record are consistent with American values and U.S. policies.