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What's Health Got to Do with It?
What's Health Got to Do with It?

These days, health is a lot more than Googling the latest medical breakthrough or seeing your doctor. Staying healthy when you are well and getting healthy when you are sick means knowing how to interact and navigate an incredibly complex healthcare system.

What's Health Got to Do with It? is a weekly talk program that examines the intersection of healthcare and daily life. It helps guide listeners through an increasingly convoluted medical bureaucracy.

Whether it's accessing treatment, sustaining good health, finding the right doctor, getting insurance coverage, or seeking a cure, literally, everyone has a compelling healthcare story, and What's Health Got to Do with It? will give voice to these stories, which extend beyond medical science and the healthcare system, and extend into our daily lives.

The hour-long program is interview-based, with listener engagement via calls, emails, and social media, which will allow for the host and production team to access and create a community that is locally (and sometimes beyond)-focused and solution-driven on healthcare problems. Each episode will be based on a topic or theme, which will be examined from multiple angles.

Dr. Joe Sirven

What's Health Got to Do with It? is hosted by Dr. Joe Sirven, an engaging practicing physician journalist who is an expert in all facets of healthcare.

Dr. Joe Sirven is a Cuban American, bilingual experienced medical journalist. He has served as the chief medical contributor for NBC Latino, the English language website for Latinos by NBC News. He has previously served as the Medical commentator for KJZZ Radio in Phoenix, the NPR affiliate for Phoenix Arizona, and continues to provide commentary for KTBS TV in Shreveport, Louisiana. He is the immediate previous editor-in-chief of, the world's largest consumer website dedicated to seizures and epilepsy with more than a million web visits per month. He is currently editor-in-chief of the American Academy of Neurology's consumer publication Brain & Life en Español and on the editorial board of Brain & Life.

Dr. Sirven is a practicing neurologist who has published extensively on epilepsy and its treatment. He is passionate about medical education - he has edited seven textbooks and is Chair of Education for the American Academy of Neurology. He directs the Neurology course for Mayo Medical School, Florida campus, and for Dartmouth Medical School, Mayo Florida campus. He is also a professor at Arizona State University where he teaches Science of Health Care Delivery undergraduate and master's students at Arizona State.

What's Health Got to Do with It? is provided in part by the American Brain Foundation, the Eli Lilly, Neurelis and Rethreaded Inc..

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