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Northeast Florida Voters Choose New Education Leaders

Tyler Nienhouse

Former Jacksonville City Councilman Warren Jones won a Duval County School Board seat, and the incumbent Clay County superintendent was defeated in Tuesday’s primary.

Jones won the Westside seat being vacated by District 5 board member Connie Hall with 52 percent of the vote. He was running against three others in the race.

In Mandarin’s District 7, no candidate received enough votes to win. A candidate needs at least 50 percent, plus one vote. Now the top two of the six who were running, Lori Hershey and Barbara Toscano, will battle it out in November.

In Nassau County, Republicans chose School Board member Kathy Burns as their superintendent over State Rep. Janet Adkins. Burns will go on to face Libertarian Cheryl James.

And Clay County voters ousted Superintendent Charlie Van Zant in favor of Duval County Chief of Schools Addison Davis. He will face nonpartisan candidate Rebekah Shively in November.

Clay County also elected two school board members: Mary Bolla, who unseated District 4 incumbent JohnnaMckinnon, and Carol Studdard in District 2.

Photo: "Lockers Galore" used under Creative Commons.

A collection of candidate tweets.

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