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SWFL Man Uses His Time in Quarantine to Create Social Media Show

Usually, 29-year-old Jesús Núñez is very busy. He plays in an indie band, runs a marketing company with his wife, and sells real estate. So as his days in self quarantine began to add up,  he found himself searching for something to fill the void.

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Núñez has taken to the internet to not only entertain himself, but others as well. He launched “The Morning Show with Jesús,” a brief wave of comic relief packaged in a morning show format, that Núñez posts to his social media accounts.

"I don’t know it’s just one of those one-off thoughts where I was just like ‘I'm just going to do this for fun’,” Núñez said.  “And I didn’t think much of it until I put it up and people loved it, which was surprising to say the least.”

What started off as something silly the Cape Coral native wanted to do to make his friends laugh, has resonated with people of different ages, Núñez said.

“The range is super broad where I have a lot of middle-aged ladies that are enjoying it, people that are in their 60s and 70s,” Núñez said.  “And then I get messages from my friends that are like, ‘my kid loves it,’ you  know?”

Credit Jesus.miguel.nunez Instagram

Episodes of "The Morning Show with Jesús," are under five minutes long and get about 2,ooo views. 

Núñez said it takes him about seven hours to put an episode together, and he covers topics as they come to him.

“The Morning Show With Jesús” covers current trends like “Quarantine Challenges” that have been dominating social media since the COVID-19 outbreak, the importance of talking to plants, and it features occasional guests like chickens, his bandmates and his friends’ children.

Núñez said he believes the care-free nature of the show is serving as a distraction for people who may be feeling overwhelmed with the uncertainty brought on by the COVID-19 outbreak.

“There’s a lot of people that, you know, they are kind of going through it right now and this seems to be a little dose of encouragement and hope,” Núñez said. “And I think it’s almost the job of the comedian or the entertainer to be an encouragement to people, which I think people are really resonating with.”

Núñez originally planned to make 10 videos, but said as long as the safer at home order is in effect, and he has ideas for his morning show, he’ll continue to make it.

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