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Wear Ugly Pants To Feed First Coast Kids: The Fancy Pants Party Is On!


If Caddyshack is your favorite film, rest assured you'll be in your glory at an upcoming event to help hungry kids on the First Coast. 

The Fancy Pants Party at this year's PLAYERS Championship would make Judge Smails proud. The idea is to wear your absolute loudest, craziest golf attire, with all funds raised helping a worthy cause - the local chapter of Blessings In a Backpack.

Blessings provides children on the federal free and reduced lunch program a backpack full of food each weekend during the school year so they are assured nourishment when they're not in class. With nearly HALF of the county's schoolchildren on free or reduced lunch, this is a cause worth supporting.

Besides, they're having a Fancy Pants contest, so there's something in it for the Chevy Chase in all of you. 

Get your tickets to Fancy Pants here.