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'The Ghost Army': Story Of World War II Deception Airs Tonight On WJCT

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The Ghost Army tells the story of the 23rd Headquarters Special Troops using props to deceive German troops during World War II.  

The 23rd Headquarters Special Troops, also known as The Ghost Army, were a top secret military unit which used inflatable tanks and planes, a large catalog of sound effects and impersonation to trick Hitler's army. Beginning in the summer of 1944, The Ghost Army conducted more than 20 operations in France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany in which it used a variety of props to distract the Germans from bigger American units.  

"You have this amazing intersection of art and creativity and war and history that all comes together in this story," says Director Rick Beyer. "Guys blowing up inflatable tanks on the battlefield. Pulling off all of these tricks out of their illusion toolbox."

Their story has remained a secret, until now. 19 members of The Ghost Army tell the story of how they fooled the Germans during World War II in the award-winning documentary that airs tonight at 8:00PM on WJCT TV.  

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