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Behind The Veil: "9 Parts Of Desire" At The 5 & Dime Theatre


The 5 & Dime Theatre Company goes behind the veil in its provocative new show, staging in the CoRK Arts District this month.

Heather Raffo’s 9 Parts of Desire takes the audience inside the hearts of a cross section of Iraqi women: a sexy painter, a radical communist, a doctor, an exile, and more. Described by The New Yorker as “an example of how art can remake the world,” these stories unveil the strength of the feminine spirit that transcends culture.. and illustrate how a country hopes for peace, even in a war-torn region.

Local actress Zeina Salame, who is of Lebanese descent, takes on all nine roles.  “While I am Lebanese and the women in this piece are Iraqi - we have so much in common,” says Salame.

The show will be presented at CoRK North in the CoRK Arts district, 2689 Roselle Street. Performances are Friday, June 14th and  Saturday, June 15th at 8 PM, with a Sunday afternoon performance at 3PM- followed by a Q&A.

Advance tickets for $10 can be purchased online, or for $15 on the day of performance. Visit for information.