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Electro Lounge host and WJCT's resident pop culture junkie David Luckin is always on the lookout for interesting music, art and historical tidbits on the web. Check out some of his findings below on The Electro Blog.

Around The Web: Boxsetiquette, Toronto Mini House, Youte and Cars, My Pic of the Week, More...

David Luckin

This week like every week the web published  more items  than you could possibly digest,  from  Boxsetiquette, to the "tiny" Toronto house,  here’s a sample of what I came across this week.

Who’s Bogarting season five of Mad Men?

From one of my favorite sites The London Evening Standard  comes the guide to Boxsetiquette:  “the tricky terrain of TV series addiction.”

“Since box sets enable everyone to watch at their own pace, when is it OK to talk about important plot developments? Only when you are absolutely sure the person you’re talking to is up to speed. And you can’t be sure about that in a newspaper or on Twitter. Hence the baleful modern epidemic of ‘spoiler rage’. Steven Poole navigates London’s new epidemic.

Cars Aren’t Cool Wit Youte

Credit Richard Luckin

From Fortune/CNN comes the news that “young adults are more cash-strapped than ever. But the bigger problem is that they just don't think driving is cool -- or even necessary -- anymore.” 

“More than a third of young adults who don't drive say they are too busy to get a driver's license, and more than a fifth don't plan to ever learn to drive, according to a new study released Wednesday by the University of Michigan.” It’s a very interesting trend to all of us gearheads. (Read more)

And to find out  what a youte is please consult the film “My Cousin Vinnie”.

Toronto's 'Tiny House' For Sale

Credit CBC

From the CBC and several other sites around the world the news that Toronto's 'Tiny House'  is for sale. You have to see it to believe it. “The home has just three rooms and measures slightly over 300 square feet. The real estate ad calls it "charming" and "unique" and is nearly a century-old.

My Pic of The Week

This is such a great project, only in New York with the history of the News could this endeavor even be possible.

Credit Daily News

Check out all the cool pics  “New York City Then & Now: Famous Daily News Photos Brought Back To Life.”

David Luckin joined WJCT as a development producer in 2000, bringing with him 19 years’ experience as a Jacksonville news photographer and a lifelong passion for music. The New York native hosted his first local music program at Gainesville’s NPR affiliate while earning his degree at the University of Florida.