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The Scariest Hashtag Ever? Enter #NPRHalloweenNames At Your Own Risk

Here at NPR, we're always game for a good public radio spoof. And yesterday, the terrifyingly funny folks from Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me! (@waitwait) started their own public radio, shall we say, spook.

It all started with this tweet (which was clearly dying for a response):

Throughout the day, NPR fans and staff alike chimed in with various creative and creepy plays-on-words using the hashtag #NPRHalloweenNames. We especially loved 'Mourning Edition,' 'StoryCorpse' and 'Flesh Air.'

Which was your favorite?

And if you're not Terry Gross-ed out after you finish reading the tweets below, there's still time before Halloween to come up with more #NPRHalloweenNames. (Not that we're counting!)

For more spooky puns and generally irreverent banter from Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me!, check out this Sandwitch Monday review of the Limited Edition Candy Corn Oreo:

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Megan Johnson