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Rumbling Over Decibel Dispute Grows Louder In Jacksonville

Welcome To Rockville

Proposed changes to Jacksonville’s noise ordinance could mean the end of big-time rock concerts at downtown Metropolitan Park.The promoters behind the popular Big Ticket and Welcome to Rockville concerts say they’re looking at bypassing Jacksonville altogether if the ordinance is passed next week by the City Council.

The measure would set strict decibel level limits and impose fines on acts that break them. The city would also reserve the right to pull the plug on very loud shows.

The issue has been festering for quite a while. Residents across the St. Johns River in St. Nicholas have complained about the loud concerts and some of the lyrics of the performers.

City Councilman Don Redman at one point even tried to get ticketed concerts banned from the venue.

For their part, the Rockville promoters say they’re being unfairly singled out, and that the upcoming Florida Country Superfest at EverBank Field should also have to abide by the same rules.

"We think it's an issue of fairness," said Jacksonville attorney and concert promoter Michael Yokan.

Jacksonville City Council President Bill Gulliford tells WJCT he hopes to see a fair resolution to the issue.

"Sound is sound, and since there are exemptions for some other types of events, I do think we need to look at that more closely," he said.

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