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Jacksonville Among 'Super Cool' US Cities

Gary Eyring;
Cummer Museum

Jacksonville has landed on the list of "21 Super Cool U.S. Cities" as ranked by the travel website Expedia.

The cities on this list were rated for "interesting festivals, thriving art scenes, young and fresh demographics, and a hunger for the hipper things in life — from foodie districts to contemporary galleries."

Each city earned a score based on features, including the number of farmers markets, availability of ride-for-hire company Lyft and having an arts district.

Jacksonville ranked No. 21. Tampa was the only other Florida city, at No. 12. The top three spots went to Austin, Texas; Madison, Wisconsin; and Arlington, Virginia, respectively.

Expedia highlighted the Cummer Museum, markets including Pecan Park Flea and Farmers Market, and events such as the Riverside Craft Beer Festival, Jacksonville Art Walk and Jacksonville Jazz Festival.