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The 5 & Dime, Shortstack Theatre Companies Team Up To Provide Summer Youth Camps

The 5 & Dime Theatre Company

One of Jacksonville’s newest theater companies, the 5 & Dime, is expanding its offerings with a kids’ summer theater camp in downtown Jacksonville.


Counselors include six alumni of the Douglas Anderson School of the Arts.

Founding member of the 5 & Dime, Craig Leavitt, said the camp starts Monday, and there are still spots and scholarships available.


“You can apply actually online when you register by going to our website and selecting education,” Leavitt said. “There is also tax-free donations, where there’s a donation button where if you would like to contribute to a scholarship for a camper in the urban core. We would be happy for you to do so.”


The 5 & Dime camp is open to kids in kindergarten to rising 10th graders.

The camp features three one-week programs at the 5 & Dime Theater located on East Adams Street. At the end of each week of classes, campers will showcase what they learned in a live performance.


“I’m really excited. I’m excited to have the hands-on part come to us because that’s the part I really imagined when I wanted to do the camp,” said Avery Sedlacek, co-artistic director of Shortstack Theatre Company. “The initial idea that I had was hanging out with the kids, so that’ll be the fun part, I think. The rewarding part for sure.”


For more information, visit The 5 & Dime website.


Nikeya Heath can be reached at and on Twitter @Nikereports