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JEA, City Of Jacksonville Sued For $75 Million

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A water-saving technology company is suing the city of Jacksonville and the Jacksonville Electric Authority for $75 million. The company, Fluid Dynamics, says its reputation was damaged, and it lost business.

A few years back, Fluid Dynamics installed its conservation system called Precision Flow at eight apartment complexes in Jacksonville. Though the city and JEA were aware of the installation, the company alleges Jacksonville suddenly removed its systems in 2012.

According to the lawsuit, JEA tested and verified the effectiveness and safeness of Precision Flow the day before the removal. The city accused the company of tampering with the Jacksonville water system.

Fluid Dynamics says the city’s action caused it to lose other contracts.

In an e-mail, JEA called the accusations in the lawsuit “meritless.” Neither JEA nor Fluid Dynamics responded to an interview request by this story’s deadline.