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Broward Lets Uber And Lyft Back In

App-based taxi services like Uber and Lyft are back in business in Broward County.In a meeting much shorter than the last one on this issue, commissioners voted 6-2 on an ordinance that opens pathways for the apps to come back online for Broward residents.

Representatives from Uber said they could turn the app back on as soon as Thursday.

Broward County Mayor Tim Ryan says this is a win for residents.

“We made some progress in balancing the public’s need to be protected and to ensure that the drivers have gone through thorough background checks,” said Ryan. “So we’re going to see what happens.”

Among the compromises made over the past couple of months were that the apps' drivers will not have to go through level 2 background checks, surge pricing will be allowed and there will be no cap on the number of drivers who can operate at one time.

Commissioner Lois Wexler had lingering concerns about the insurance these companies provide, questioning whether it meets state standards. She joined Commissioner Dale Holness in opposing the agreement.

“That’s the elephant in the room for me, is insurance” said Wexler. “Everything else I can get over, including the background checks."

Uber suspended its operations in Broward at the end of July after a standoff with the county commission over regulation of the app's service.

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