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Closing The Loop: Sherry Lyford

Warren Miller

Sherry Lyford was a stockbroker, and a lifelong cook who made dips and rubs that she gave away as Christmas presents to her clients. One day, she decided that cooking was a lot more fun than managing portfolios.

She started a company and began to sell her products at farmers’ markets. She expanded with a web site and a store. “It’s been an amazing transformation,” she says. “I have no corporate entity looking over my shoulder. I can grow my business as I see fit, not as someone else sees fit.”
Sherry has an exit strategy. “The way I’m looking at it, I’m building this to sell. I need to quadruple the sales that I’m doing now, though.” She plans to travel and spending more time with her grandchildren, who live in Connecticut. She has only one regret: “I wish I had started my own business 30 years ago.”

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Warren Miller is a writer and financial executive who lives near St. Augustine, Florida.