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Woman Flies To St. Augustine To Surprise POW With Bracelet She Wore For Him As A Child

Michael Isam

  A bracelet was all it took to bring two strangers from different ends of the country together on Saturday, according to a story from the St. Augustine Record.

Peggy Cornacchio of Massachusetts wore the bracelet as a child to honor a U.S. prisoner of war fighting in Vietnam (similar bracelets were worn by many during the war), even though she had never met the man whose name her bracelet bore: Navy pilot Giles Norrington. 

After recently finding the bracelet she had long ago packed away, Cornacchio set out to discover what had happened to Norrington:

She searched the Internet and found he was alive, living in Florida and scheduled to speak Saturday night in St. Augustine at the annual awards dinner for the Chase-Rescorla Scholarship. She felt like she needed to give him the bracelet. “I thought he’s got to be getting up there,” she said. “If I don’t do this now, it’s not going to happen.”

Read the the whole story at the St. Augustine Record's site.