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Lamborghini Sold At JSO Auction

With all of the expensive cars and luxurious jewelry lined up, it looked like an episode of MTV Cribs, but it was more like an episode of Cops.

Today, the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office held an auction selling at least 30 vehicles and thousands of dollars in jewelry that was once owned by convicted felons.

The Sheriff’s Office has several car and jewelry auctions each year to raise money for various programs and investigations the Sheriff’s Office are working on.

One of the most eye-popping items at the auction was a 12,000 mile 2004 Lamborghini Gallardo, which sold for $87,000. Officials say the car was confiscated from a pill mill organization.

Vadim Mikhail, a shareholder of a local car dealership, was the person who outbid everyone else for the top prize. He and a bidder on the phone went back and forth, raising the price higher and higher, before Mikhail prevailed.

“The guy on the phone got me," says Mikhail. "Whoever was on the phone, on the other end of the line, got like maybe a good $8,000 out of me."

One of the stand-outs in the jewelry side of the auction were a custom moon-shaped pendant, diamond-encrusted bracelet and diamond ring valued at $44,000.

An 111,000 mile 2006 King Ranch Ford F-250 with suspension lifts, custom wheels, and two console TVs was also sold at the auction.