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Wolfson High School Awards Honorary Diplomas To Families Of Jordan Davis And JaNay Jackson

Cyd Hoskinson

High school graduation is a rite of passage that marks a teenager’s transition from child to adult. 

But for Ron Davis, Wednesday's graduation ceremony signaled the closing of a chapter in his life with his son. 

Davis says Wolfson High School invited him and Jordan’s mother to attend the ceremony and to accept an honorary diploma in Jordan's . 

The invitation, he says, gave him a much needed opportunity to connect one final time with the friends who had been so important to Jordan.

"I kind of want them to have a send-off at their graduation, on their way to college and being great individuals and young adults and we just wanted to kind of say good-bye to them because this is probably gonna be the last time I’m gonna be able to see a lot of ‘em so we decided that, yeah, we needed to be a part of this"

Davis says he's very thankful to have been included in what should have been Jordan's graduation ceremony. 

"It’s not gonna be mourning Jordan’s death.  It’s gonna be a celebration and that’s the attitude I’m gonna come in there with and to celebrate these people going off to college.  It’s going to be great."

46-year old Michael Dunn has been charged with first degree murder in the death of Jordan Davis.  The case is expected to go to trial this September.  

Wolfson High School also awarded an honorary diploma to the family of JaNay Jackson who died in August when a mini-van crashed through the wall of her bedroom and killed her while she slept.

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