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Jax Water Taxis Could Run By Fourth Of July Under Frisch Proposal


Jacksonville’s water taxis could be up and running by the Fourth of July weekend, if not sooner, thanks to Beaver Street Fisheries owner Harry Frisch Sr.Frisch offered to buy two new pontoon boats for the city after the city council balked at the mayor’s plan to purchase them using $338,000 in emergency funds.

“There is no room for conflict between the council and the mayor. We cannot be without a water taxi. And City Councilman Matt Schellenberg, he’s negotiating on my behalf to do whatever is necessary for the city to have a water taxi,” Frisch said.
Councilman Schellenberg said Frisch’s plan right now is to buy the boats and lease them to the city for a dollar a day while the council looks for someone to take over permanent management, and that the City Council seems to be on board with the the idea, but he’s ready just in case something more official is needed.
“If it’s essential that the city council gets involved and puts its (stamp) of imprimatur on it, then I’ll introduce the legislation as an emergency Tuesday night,” be said.
The city’s Office of General Council is reviewing Frisch’s proposal. One of the new water taxis has already been delivered. The second is expected to arrive next week.

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