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Clay Commission Holds Emergency Meeting About School Board Lawsuit

The Clay County City Commission called an emergency meeting Monday night to discuss the School Board's vote to sue the Commission after it delayed a ballot measure to let voters decide how the school superintendent is chosen.

The School Board voted in July to put the question of whether the superintendent should be elected or appointed on this November’s ballot, then sent the measure on to the County Commission to include it, as required by law.

The Commission decided to delay the measure until November 2016.

On Friday, the School Board voted to take the issue to court. This prompted tonight’s emergency commission meeting, said Clay Today Newspaper reporter Eric Cravey.

“It should have been what the assistant county attorney termed as a ministerial duty, you don’t have any say in it," said Cravey. "So we don’t know what the County Commission’s going to do; whether they’re going to vote to countersue or whether they’re going to go back and say, ‘We beg your pardon. We made a mistake. We really should have passed the item as presented by the school board and we can all play together now.’”

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