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Edward Waters College Remembers 9/11

Peter Haden / WJCT

Edward Waters College held a special chapel service Wednesday to remember the events of September 11, 2001.

 About 400 students and faculty filled the purple and orange bleachers of the Sports Complex at Edward Waters College for Wednesday’s September 11 memorial ceremony.

EWC Professor and Retired Navy Chaplain Reverend Atticus Tyrone Taylor praised the memory of those who died in the attacks.

“Those heroes that entered the world trade towers and those passengers on that plane in Pennsylvania - they forgot about the fact that they had schedules that day," he said. "They forgot about the fact that they had homes to go to and family members to see. All they cared about was getting those folks out of there.”

Reverend Taylor delivered a message of vigilance. 

“Complacency on any level of life is very costly," he said. "We have to continue to do what we do, but do it with a heightened sense of awareness that somebody really does not want our way of life to survive.”

The EWC Concert Choir and Praise Mime Joshua Young also performed.

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Peter Haden is an award-winning investigative reporter and photographer currently working with The Center for Investigative Reporting. His stories are featured in media outlets around the world including NPR, CNN en Español, ECTV Ukraine, USA Today, Qatar Gulf Times, and the Malaysia Star.