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Jacksonville becomes new Groundwork USA Trust

Credit Annie Black

Mayor Alvin Brown announced Wednesday at Confederate Park that Jacksonville is the newest member of Groundwork USA, a national organization that helps revamp natural environments, neighborhoods and parks in urban areas.

There are currently 20 other Groundwork Trusts. Mayor Brown said that Jacksonville was the first of three new Trusts chosen last year. 

"We've learned that Jacksonville has received final approval to officially join Groundwork USA with the mission of helping restore Hogan's Creek in Springfield and Deer Creek in East Jacksonville as well as the parklands in both neighborhoods," he said.

It's not easy to become a Trust.

“It’s a very competitive process," Brown said.  "We can be proud—VERY proud that Jacksonville has gained final approval ahead of Atlanta, Indianapolis and other cities working on their feasibility studies."

Groundwork Jacksonville is receiving $80,000 from the National Parks Service and Groundwork USA, and the city of Jacksonville is providing $50,000 as a match. Wells Fargo Bank gave a $10,000 grant, and the National Park Service is also giving $25,000 for a youth program.