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Jacksonville Nonprofit Wants To Create Jobs Through Urban Farming

A nonprofit that's trying to bring more farming to Jacksonville's urban core is hoping to create jobs as well.

Jacksonville-based FreshMinistries plans to bring aquaponics to Downtown. That's a combination of aquaculture, or raising fish in tanks, with hydroponics, growing plants in water. The system doesn't require much space and can be built in a parking lot or small backyard.

FreshMinistries Urban Operations Director Bobby Lee says the project should help spur economic development by teaching people how to farm their own vegetables and fish.

"We really just want to create a model here in Jacksonville that we can replicate elsewhere. Have people come see it, put their hands on it, see the produce, taste the produce and the fish and really just get a feeling for what's going on," says Lee.

FreshMinistries is raising money through an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. The aquaponics project will be housed at the Weaver Community Outreach Center on A. Philip Randolph Boulevard.