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'American Idol' Finalist Tyanna Jones Returns To Jacksonville High School

Gregory Todaro

"American Idol" top-five finalist Tyanna Jones visited Westside High School Friday morning.

The 16-year-old is a student at the Jacksonville school and got the chance to reunite with her classmates and friends after her run on the show.  

“I’m so happy to be back, I’m feeling good to see my family and my friends here at my school,” she said.

Jones auditioned for "American Idol" in San Francisco, and her cover of Little Mix’s “Wings” impressed the judges. She continued to impresses them and the rest of America and was voted through every round to the top five.

Although her journey on the show ended there, Jones still has the upcoming "American Idol Live!" show to prepare for. She and the other top-five finalists will be touring the country with a stop in Jacksonville on July 15.