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Putnam Co. Holding Adoption After Animal-Hoarding Case Draws National Attention

Putnam County Animal Control

A highly publicized animal-hoarding case in Palatka is having some positive effects for other homeless animals in the area.

Last month, Putnam County Animal Control seized around 80 animals at once, including 54 dogs and more than a dozen cats.

First Coast No More Homeless Pets spokeswoman Nicole Brose says help has poured in from across the county.

“Chow Rescue of Central New York, which is fantastic, they came and took 10 of the dogs,” said Brose. “SAFE animal shelter in St. Augustine took I believe 5, Flagler Humane Society actually took a mother and her puppies.”

Most of the animals are still not used to being around people, so they’re not ready to be put up for adoption. But the attention on the case is helping other dogs and cats, Brose says.

Putnam County Animal Control is holding an adoption event in Palatka Friday and Saturday to help empty its already-full shelter. The county euthanizes animals that don’t find homes.