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Faith Matters: The Nature Of Forgiveness


On this inaugural episode of Faith Matters,  leaders from a variety of faith perspectives join hosts Nancy Broner and Kyle Reese to discuss an issue central to personal and communal faith: forgiveness.

After the shooting death of nine members of the Emmanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina, many were challenged to explore their own understanding of the nature of forgiveness while listening to the voices of the victims’ families and fellow church members. We speak with Reverend Tony Hansberry, Presiding Elder of the Suwanee-North Jacksonville District of the African Methodist Episcopal Church, about how the church is learning to heal after the tragedy.

We then further examine the concept of forgiveness in various faith traditions with a roundtable of local religious and community leaders: the Very Reverend Kate Moorehead, Dean of St. John’s Episcopal Cathedral: Dr. Parvez Ahmed, a leader in the Islamic community and professor at the University of North Florida; and Rabbi Matt Cohen, Assistant Rabbi of the Congregation AhavathChesed - The Temple.