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Community Thread: Nikolai Vitti and the Future of Duval Schools

For this episode of Community Thread, we are joined by Nikolai Vitti, Duval Schools Superintendent; Terrie Brady, Duval Teachers United President; Tim Sloan, a parent who has a daughter in sixth grade at Landon Middle and a son in second grade at Thomas Jefferson Elementary; and Cheryl Grymes, the Duval School Board Chair.

Topics include the controversial Eureka curriculum (also called Engage New York), proposed school zone boundary changes affecting schools primarily in the urban core, and proposed mandatory uniforms for middle and elementary school students.

The conversation continues after the show. Use the hashtag #WJCTThread or email

Our news team will also sift through the questions and provide answers to many of them in radio stories, giving credit to the person who asked the question. This way, the conversation thread continues all year.