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Clay Superintendent Urges Parents To Police Kids' Social Media Posts

Clay County Schools

Clay County School Superintendent Charlie Van Zant is urging parents to monitor what their children are saying on social media.

After recent threats of violence and bombs, Van Zant posted his message to parents in a video online.

“It’s not spying on your kids to know what they’re doing on social media,” he said. 

Van Zant says a child who posts, emails or tweets about wanting to blow up a school or kill someone faces not just expulsion but arrest.

It’s a very different world from when parents grew up, he says.

“It used to be in the old days, if a kid misbehaved at school, they got in trouble for what they did at school.  But social media is so different. You can actually violate the law and School Board policy riding the bus to school, at home, in the park after school if you post a threat on social media," he says. 

Last week, bomb threats were made against five schools in Clay, Duval and St. Johns counties, police say.

Also, as our partners News 4 Jax report, a freshman girl at Douglas Anderson School of the Arts was arrested after claiming to be a member of ISIS and threatening other students.

And a 15 year old student who posted a photo of herself holding a gun in a Lee High School bathroom was arrested after the loaded weapon was found in her locker.

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