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Jacksonville Elementary Schoolers Learn How To Read Analog Clocks

Beatrice Sanchez

In today’s digital world, many kids don’t know how to tell time on an analog clock.

The Boys And Girls Clubs of Northeast Florida tried to help change that today with a time-telling relay race for elementary schoolers.

Boys & Girls Clubs Regional Development Director Darby Stubberfield says a survey shows a quarter of elementary-age children have trouble telling time when clock hands are involved.

“Children have grown up only with a phone or only with a digital clock and perhaps have not been taught how to tell the time on analog clocks” she says.

Stubberfield says making the event fun and interactive  hopefully will help the kids retain the information.

She says a local watch store donated watches for the kids to keep and practice telling time at home.

Beatrice Sanchez is a senior at the University of North Florida. She will graduate this year with a bachelor's degree in communication with a concentration on media production. Originally from Manila, Philippines, she moved to Jacksonville four years ago to finish school. She spends most of her time at school or work, and if she ever does get free time, she enjoys watching re-runs of "Grey's Anatomy" or taking pictures of surfers out at the beach.