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After The Fireworks Comes The Clean Up: Volunteers Pick Up Trash On Neptune Beach

Cyd Hoskinson
Neptune Beach realtor Myrna Brannon helps pick up trash during a post-July 4 beach clean-up event.

Dozens of volunteers showed up at Neptune Beach bright and early this morning, ready to pick up trash left by July 4 revelers.

Maureen Buik was there helping volunteers sign in.  She said there wasn’t as much trash collected this year as there’s been in year's past.

“A lot of people had already cleaned up earlier today, neighbors and stuff. And the tide unfortunately took a lot of it out because it was high last night after 9 p.m," she said. "But still, people found lots of trash.”

Among the volunteers helping with the clean up was Neptune Beach realtor Myrna Brannon.

“There’s a lot of cigarette butts. You know, people are out having a good time and I assume they just accidentally forgot to pick them up,” she laughed.

Brannon said she also found a lot of used fireworks and plastic water bottle caps. Other items picked up by volunteers included flip flops, chairs, towels and beach umbrellas. There was even a pair of work boots on the trash pile.

Credit Cyd Hoskinson / WJCT
A pair of work boots left on the beach after the Fourth of July fireworks display means somebody's work week got off to a pretty rough start.