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AFT Union Head Randi Weingarten Talks Teachers And Accountability


Now that school is back in session across Florida, students aren’t the only ones focused on grades, so are teachers. They’re focused on the grades of their kids and on the grades of their schools.

Florida’s A through F grading formula for schools has been in the spotlight all summer.

First, state officials made last-minute changes preventing more than 150 schools from getting an F.

Then Florida Education Commissioner Tony Bennett resigned over allegations he inappropriately changed Indiana’s school grade formula when he was in charge there.

One of the sharpest critics of A through F school grades has been Randi Weingarten. She’s head of the American Federation of Teachers — the national umbrella organization over teachers’ unions.

StateImpact Florida reporter Sammy Mack sat down with Weingarten at a back-to-school union rally in Miami.

You can find more stories about Florida’s education accountability system at State Impact Florida.