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Miami Republicans Vote To Oppose Common Core

Miami Dade Republicans have approved a resolution opposing Common Core standards, a new way of teaching that sets benchmarks for students at each grade level. In doing so, the group has parted ways with former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush.

Bush once served as chairman of the Miami Dade Republicans. Now, he increasingly finds himself at odds with his own party. During a press conference in Washington last week, Bush reiterated his support for the standards known as Common Core. Bush also pushed back against the notion that Common Core is a national takeover of education.

“If you’re comfortable with mediocrity – fine", said Bush. "I’m not, and I think most Floridians aren’t either. So, yeah, there’s a political consequence to all this. There’s a lot of heat right now. But the simple fact is no one can defend the lower standards that we have across this country.”

Miami Dade Republican Committeewoman Pamela EvansRhodenbaughsays the current standards are better than what Bush is promoting.

“To say that people are comfortable with mediocrity is horrible", Rhodenbaugh said. "I think he needs to have a dialogue face to face with people who really know what they’re talking about – who are teachers or people who are against this and say ‘I want to sit in a room with you and you tell me exactly what you don’t like.’”

Rhodenbaugh says she wants to see individual schools develop their own curriculum, with less emphasis on testing.

45 states, including Florida, have already adopted Common Core standards.

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Gina Jordan reports from Tallahassee for WUSF and WLRN about how state policy affects your life.