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JPEF Poll Says Duval Schools On The Right Track

Cyd Hoskinson

The Jacksonville Public Education Fund’s first ever public opinion survey finds there’s a lot of community support for where the Duval County school system is headed.The 2013 Education Perceptions poll asked more than 500 randomly selected people for their opinions about everything from technology to test scores.

Among the findings: at least half of the respondents think the superintendent and the school board are doing a good job, more than two-thirds support a small property tax hike if it goes to help schools, and nearly 90-percent believe in the value of the common core standards.

JPEF President Trey Csar says the results are encouraging.

“This first annual poll confirmed that we’ve taken some steps in the right direction and we intend to and are excited about continuing it on an annual basis to see if we continue to march in the right direction and continue to see things like our graduation rate increase, like our student performance increase and we’re all very hopeful,” he said.

According to Csar, the survey results were sent to school officials as well as posted online, and he says they’ll undergo even greater scrutiny after the first of the year.

“We will provide these results to our One-by-One community delegates who’ll gather on January 18 and really sift through the data to analyze how the community’s doing and what can the community do to help the school district continue to improve,” he said.

JPEF’s first "One-by-One" campaign in 2012 brought together people from every part of the county to help create a roadmap for the future of the public education.

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