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FSCJ's Continued Financial Aid Woes To Cost More Money, And Jobs

Cyd Hoskinson

Just as one set of problems with FSCJ’s student financial aid office are resolved, additional instances of mismanagement have been uncovered.

Reforming the system will include job cuts and, possibly, school-wide belt-tightening.
Florida State College at Jacksonville recently repaid the federal government more than $4 million for improperly awarded student financial aid.  

But in the process of identifying and correcting those issues, FSCJ President Dr. Cynthia Bioteau says more problems were uncovered, many of them having to do with how financial aid for vocational students was calculated.

She announced Tuesday that the school will eliminate at least a dozen positions and outsource some of the work in the financial aid office.

“Outsourcing critical functions to a team of professionals will not only allow us to consistently and accurately apply financial aid procedures and policies, it also helps us move ahead with technology that’s fully integrated across every area so that we don’t ever find ourselves in this kind of situation again,” she said.

Bioteau says she doesn’t know how much FSCJ will owe the federal government for the most recent set of financial aid infractions, or where the money will come from. 

The important thing, she says, is that it not impact student education.  

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