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Duval Schools To Sell Used Laptops To Students At Steep Discount


Duval County students will be able to buy used laptops from the school district starting next year.

The school board approved the plan Monday night.

Superintendent Nikolai Vitti says students rely on computers for their school work, including math and reading programs “I-Ready” and “Achieve 3000,” but many don’t have them at home.

“What we are going to do is wipe those older laptops clean and then offer the opportunity for parents (and) guardians to be able to purchase those laptops at a reduced rate,” Vitti says.

Students will be able to purchase computers for $50. The district will make $35 after paying $15 to have the devices cleaned. Vitti says the district replaces computers every three to five years, even if they still work. It previously made about $20 per computer selling them to be recycled.

Vitti said he envisions I-T students' assisting with the cleaning and refurbishing of computers.

At a recent school board workshop, board member Becki Couch said she wanted to make sure schools kept their wireless Internet on all night. She said she’s heard of students' using their laptops in school parking lots for homework.

Photo used under Creative Commons License.

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