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Local Author Turns Break-Up Into Book Deal

Florida Times-Union

After being dumped by her boyfriend of 10 years, First Coast author Caryn Rosenthal decided to turn that negative experience into a positive one. Rosnethal and co-author MaryjaneFahey, who was also dumped by her long term boyfriend, decided to get their lives back together, and used those bad breakups to write a successful book, "Dumped".

"It was tough," Rosenthal told First Coast Connect.  "After a year of going through our breakups, we were like 'We've gotta write the book that we couldn't find."

After consulting many of the best-selling, however, un-inspiring, break-up books the two were still searching for answers.  On a Fourth of July weekend one year after their breakups, they decided they needed to help other women who went through the horrors of breakups by writing a book sharing their experiences.  The book would be designed to give women that kick in the butt and laughs that they had been missing.

The two began writing the book, created a website and started sending the book  to potential publishers. After several unsuccessful meetings with publishers who wanted to take a different approach to the book, the two were reminded of what the book was truly about: being true to who you really are, to take care of yourself and to trust your gut. The two trusted their guts, and eventually found Sellers Publishing, an independent publisher out of Portland, Maine.

The book is on shelves now and you can pick up a signed copy atThe BookMarkin Neptune Beach, FL.