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First Coast Connect with Melissa Ross

Beers Against Bullies

Multiverse Media Group

Robert Ingram was born with a cleft palate and lip, and was often teased at school. After a brutal beating at age 12 at the hands of some bullies, he received a revelation that came from a friend. That friend handed Robert a card for martial arts classes and said, "you need this."

Robert has been training in the arts ever since. He's the head instructor and owner of Alpha Dogs Martial Arts and has participated in such events like International Kickboxing, Sports Karate, and now working on Mixed Martial Arts.

Credit Alpha Dogs Martial Arts
Robert Ingram was bullied as a child and gained confidence through the martial arts. He's now spearheading a fundraiser for local anti-bullying programs.

As someone who understands what its like to be bullied, he told host Melissa Ross, "Middle school is the most difficult time for an adolescent."

Ingram is organizing a charity event this Saturday 2pm at Latitude 30 called "Beers Against Bullies" to help raise funds for local anti-bullying programs.

The beer pong tournament is open to anyone who wants to come 18 or older and of course 21 or older to participate. There will be a live DJ with video games set up by designers, Games, Art, and Music (G.A.A.M.) and Storm Unity. Even if you don't drink you can still participate being a designated driver or having cups filled with water. For more detailed information on the competition go to