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02/17/15: Common Core; Compressed Natural Gas Station; 'Facts Of Life' Star Lisa Whelchel

Ray Hollister

Adopted by educators in Florida and in most other states, Common Core standards set benchmarks on what students should know as they prepare for college. But this overhaul of the nation’s public schools has angered both the right and the left. Some conservatives see Common Core as government overreach, while some progressives are criticizing what they see as the punitive aspects of testing and grade retention around the standards. We discuss the controversy surrouding Common Core with MichaelBrickman, National Policy Director at the Fordham Institute, and Deborah Gianoulis, CEO of Jacksonville’s Schultz Center for Teaching and Leadership.  

We also learn about the First Coast's first compressed natural gas station open to the public from Anddrikk Frazier, regional director of business development for Trillium CNG, Jeff Sheffield, Executive Director of North Florida TPO, and Kimberly Waterhouse, spokesperson for Champion Brands.

Finally, "The Facts of Life" and "Survivor" star Lisa Whelchel and her daughter Clancy Cauble join us. The duo is starring in the Alhambra Theatre's production of the Tony Award winning play Butterflies are Free.

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