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First Coast Connect

09/15/15: Rent Prices; First Coast Connect Book Club; Jacqueline Woodson; Sanctuary On 8th Street

We examine the rising cost of housing on the First Coast. New York and San Francisco still top the list of the costliest places to rent in the U.S., but over the last year demand has pushed up rents by more than 20% in some surprising locations, including Jacksonville. What’s driving this? Tim Gibbons, editor of the Jacksonville Business Journal, joins us.

In this month's edition of the First Coast Connect Book Club, book blogger Stacey Goldring join us to discuss the importance of book titles. We also share some real titles that were considered for famous books.

We speak with New York Times best-selling author Jacqueline Woodson about her book "Brown Girl Dreaming." Her memoir is the featured book for the JAX READS! community-wide reading and discussion program.

And we preview the Shindig for the Sanctuary and the Avondale 5K Classic race, both to benefit the Sanctuary on 8th Street. Vicky Watkins, Executive Director of Sanctuary on 8th, and Karin Tucker, owner of Biscottis in Avondale, join us.

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